Why Should You Work With a Manufacturer-Certified Roofer?

A new roof is an important investment — one that shouldn’t be left to just anyone. In today’s post, local roofing company Kroll Construction shares insight on roofing contractors with manufacturer certification, and why you should work with one when getting a new roof.

Why Should You Work With a Manufacturer-Certified Roofer?

What Are Manufacturer-Certified Contractors?

Manufacturer-certified contractors are contractors who have received certification, training and authorization from the manufacturers they represent. A roofing contractor can hold a certification from more than one manufacturer — for example, we at Kroll Construction are certified by IKO and Owens Corning®.

To obtain their certification, roofing companies must comply with strict requirements that may include valid roofing and business licenses, comprehensive insurance and a good customer rating on sites like the Better Business Bureau® (BBB). Local reputation may also be taken into account. Roofers who meet these qualifications are required by their respective manufacturers to undergo training periodically to keep them up to date with products, installation processes and quality standards.

Why Work With Manufacturer-Certified Contractors?

Working with a manufacturer-certified roofing contractor offers several advantages:

Access to exclusive roofing products — Manufacturer-certified contractors are essentially representatives of the manufacturers themselves. This means you can gain access to exclusive products sourced straight from the factory. You can also have the assurance that these products are sourced fresh from the factory.

The best limited warranties — Manufacturer-certified contractors are also authorized to offer exclusive limited warranties, with coverage provided by the manufacturer. Some manufacturers also offer extended warranties for workmanship, accessories, and higher wind or fire ratings.

Superior Workmanship — You can count on quality workmanship from manufacturer-certified contractors. The periodic training described above helps make sure that your new roof won’t develop problems due to installation errors. Every roof undergoes a strict quality inspection after completion to make sure that the finished work meets or exceeds the manufacturer’s workmanship standards.

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