When Is a Roof Replacement More Practical Than Repairs?

A roof replacement is something that many homeowners dread because it can be tedious, time-consuming, not to mention expensive. Most of the time, a regular maintenance schedule mixed with minor repairs is enough to keep your roof healthy. However, there will come a time when you have to call in a roofing contractor to have your roof replaced. Here are three instances where repairs simply won’t cut it anymore and it is more practical to have your entire roof replaced. 


1. When Your Roof Is Sagging

When you notice that a section of your roof is beginning to sag or droop, it is a sure sign that your roof needs to be replaced. You see, a sagging roof is usually caused by structural issues such as rotting boards or trapped moisture. If this is the case, be sure to call in a roof replacement company right away to provide further damage to your home. 

2. When Your Roof Is Nearing the End of Its Service Life

While all roofing materials are built to last, they are not completely indestructible. Your roof, no matter how durable it is, will eventually need to be replaced when the time comes. Roofing contractors recommend that you start thinking about replacing your roof when it’s nearing the end of their service life. 

3. You Are Spending Too Much Money on Repairs

If you notice that you are on the phone with your roofer all the time due to a wide range of issues, then perhaps you should consider a roof replacement. Remember, repair bills do add up and, sometimes, it really is more practical to start fresh rather than trying to patch up your old roof time and time again.

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