When Does Roof Replacement Make More Sense Than Repairs?

Any type of roofing system can be repaired as many times as needed, but there will be a point where replacement will overtake repairs as the more practical solution. In today’s post, local windows and roofing company Kroll Construction discusses the signs that you should prepare for a roof replacement instead of having more repairs done.

When Does Roof Replacement Make More Sense Than Repairs?

Your Roof Is Past Its Expected Life Span

All roofs are expected to last a certain number of years, depending on the type and with proper maintenance. For example, asphalt shingle roofs are expected to last 20 to 30 years while metal roofs are expected to last 50 years or more. Roofs that are past their expected life spans show signs of wear. On old asphalt shingle roofs, you’d find “bald” shingles — the result of granules eroded through the years. While it is not impossible to get a few more years out of a roof that’s past its prime, you should take it as a chance to prepare for a replacement.

Your Roof’s Structural Integrity Is Compromised

A roof’s structural integrity can be compromised by installation errors, low-quality framing materials, or severe damage to the roofing support structure. Installation errors can be caught early and corrected. A roof made with low-quality framing materials may manifest signs a few years down the line. In most cases, repairs are possible but will be extensive. Severe damage to the roofing structure can be caused by weather-related events like a storm. Problems with the house foundations can likewise make roof repairs (and other changes like installing replacement windows) difficult if not impractical.

Your Roof Has Holes In It

While it is possible to patch one or two holes in the roof, it would be a temporary solution at best. Even pinholes — which can be found by inspecting the attic during the day — can develop into larger holes from continuous exposure to the elements. Getting a new roof would address the numerous holes in one stroke, as well as ensure long-term protection for your home.

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