What’s Hot, What’s Not: Top Roofing Trends for 2017

A smart way to narrow your options down for a new roof is to draw inspiration from the latest trends. Keeping your eyes open to what’s hot helps you invest in the product that would give the most bang for your buck.

In today’s blog, Kroll Construction shares the roofing trends for 2017 you need to know:

Energy Efficiency Is Becoming Bigger

Since the interest of American homeowners in energy efficiency sparked a couple of years ago, it has yet to run out of steam. It remains on an upward trend and the stock of high-performance roofing solutions continue to soar.

Apart from considering highly reflective shingles, don’t ignore the value of adequate ventilation. Energy-efficient roofing systems rely on premium vents to keep the attic climate cool, which directly affects the overall performance of homes.

Premium Shingles Mix Affordability and Luxury

Experienced roofing companies know more homeowners are putting their money on tasteful products. An upgrade to the everyday architectural type, premium shingles have deluxe aesthetic features, displaying pronounced cuts and realistic profiles of slate tiles or wood shakes.

Almost every leading brand now has its own high-end line of architectural shingles. For instance, IKO offers Armourshake™, Crown Slate™, and Royal Estate™. They’re not a total departure from IKO’s best-selling shingle (Cambridge), but they lend expensive curb appeal to homes without costing outrageously high.

Gutters Are Turning into a Must-Have Accessory

In this day and age, some American homes STILL don’t use gutters and downspouts. As the tool to prevent water damage, a well-designed gutter system channels rainwater away from the foundation. Its very presence prevents a host of home repairs while preserving the beauty of the landscaping.

Reputable roofing contractors, though, would attest that protected gutters are better than open ones. Without any covering, a gutter system is prone to clogging and requires periodic cleaning, which costs money. To keep the specter of water damage at bay, buying a reliable gutter protection system, like GutterGlove, goes a long way. It’s practically a one-time investment to protect those that protect your home.

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