What to Expect in Your Roofing Estimate

Your roof protects you and your valuables against the elements. It’s also one of the more costly home improvements you’ll make. Although there are many reliable roofing contractors out there, it pays to be aware that there are also those who are only out to make a quick buck. It’s not that easy to tell if a contractor is telling the truth. This is especially so when you see big numbers on a roofing estimate.

The guide below will help you evaluate roofing estimates.

What’s In an Estimate?

Many contractors will present a flat rate on a slip of paper as an estimate. Don’t fall for it. An ideal roofing quote should contain an estimate of the costs of both materials and labor.

Material Costs. Contractors don’t charge you the market price for the materials they use. Usually, they will add some markup. Unfortunately, it’s here where some of them distort the numbers. Some have no idea about actual material cost, or a fair markup value. Don’t consider anyone who charges more than a 30 percent markup.

The market price for materials can vary greatly in each area. Consult a supplier near you to find out what is a fair markup for the type and quantity of materials you need.

Labor Costs. Any estimate should include the labor costs, as well. Labor costs usually involve removal, tearing and replacement. Go with a contractor who can explain all details of the labor costs.

An Estimate is Only an Estimate

A good roofer will provide an accurate representation of the project costs. He should inspect your roofing system as well as areas affected by the project. Never sign a contract with a roofer who doesn’t do this. He should be able to explain the project scope and any issues that may add to its complexity. There’s a chance that something unexpected will come up during the project. This usually happens in a full tear-off where rotting or damaged spots on your decking show up.

The Most Attractive Price Isn’t Always the Best One

Don’t be too quick to grab a great deal. It often comes at the cost of quality in material, labor or both. If a roofer offers to waive or refund your insurance deductible, take your business elsewhere. This is a scam tactic and illegal. It can land you on the wrong side of your state’s insurance commissioner. You will not be able to get homeowners insurance in the future.

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