What Causes Winter Roofing Leaks?

Certain house problems make themselves known during the winter season, one of which is roof leaks. One of the leading roofing contractors in the area, Kroll Construction, takes a look at the common causes of winter roofing leaks and what can be done to fix them.

Winter Roofing Leaks

Damaged Roofing

One of the reasons why damaged roofing should be repaired as soon as possible is that it increases the risk of a roofing leak during the winter season. Snow on the roof can melt around cracks and punctures and slowly trickle in. While moisture barriers help slow down moisture infiltration, a well-maintained roofing system will provide the best protection. Regular inspections and timely repairs can help mitigate the effects of damaged roofing.

Ice Damming

Ice dams are ice ridges formed near the roof’s edge. Trapped heat in the attic can raise the temperature of a poorly insulated and ventilated roof and melt the snow on top. The meltwater refreezes as it reaches the roof’s edge and eventually forms ice dams. When this happens, water can enter the roof through the edges and cause leaks instead of flowing into the gutters. In severe cases, this can lead to premature roofing replacement. Overflowing meltwater can also form icicles that may cause damage to decking and landscaping, as well as pose the risk of injuries. Ice damming can be prevented by installing vents or exhaust fans on the roof, as well as adding more insulation under the roof deck.

Attic Condensation

Another effect of poor roofing ventilation is condensation inside the attic. While not technically a leak, too much condensate can have the same effect as moisture from a leaking roof. Rot, mold, damage to the insulation, as well as warping structural components, are among the types of damage that can be caused by moisture inside the attic. Improving the attic ventilation can help prevent damage caused by condensation. Controlling relative indoor humidity levels by running a dehumidifier can also help cut the amount of moisture that reaches the attic.

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