Types of Roof Asphalt Shingles Work Best In

Despite the many upsides of asphalt shingles, they’re only advisable for roofs with steep slopes. They don’t shed water and snow well, requiring the pull of the gravity to keep their moisture levels low.

To use asphalt shingles to best effect, the finest roofing company in the Wolverine State, Kroll Construction, recommends them for these types of roof:


Found everywhere in America, the gable is easily distinguishable because of its prominent peak. Its design naturally forces the water and snow to stream the ground, while providing adequate space in the attic for ventilation. Except for windy and hurricane-prone areas, it would generally work for any region.


A four-sided roof with equal slopes, the hip is more stable than the gable. By and large, asphalt shingles would experience fewer threats when installed on it because of it naturally prevents standing water. Experienced roofing companies would attest that the hip makes asphalt shingles less susceptible to wind uplift.


The gambrel may look like the gable because of its peak, but its two slopes are more noticeable upon closer inspection. The slope of its upper side is less steep than its lower portion. It provides a lot of attic space, which is useful for great roof ventilation.


The jerkinhead is a cross between gable and hip roofs. It’s more resistant to wind damage than the typical gable, while it provides more space than the ordinary hip.


Asymmetrical as it may be, both sides of the saltbox has a steep slope. It makes it easy for the water to run off and snow to slide down. In fact, most roofing companies would say it’s the best candidate for homes located in rainy areas.

Shingling the right roof helps extend the service life of the material. But then again, even the toughest asphalt shingle product would fail prematurely when the installation is subpar.

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