Top 4 Roofing Trends for 2017

In recent years, more homeowners are choosing roofing materials not just for the boost in curb appeal or resistance to extreme weather. Homeowners are now becoming more informed about the real-world benefits of sustainability, energy efficiency, and improved roofing systems.

Based on homeowner’s choices from the past few years, here’s a list of what we believe will influence roofing trends this year.


While they’re not as glamorous as new roofs or siding, gutters are essential to your roof’s continued operation by keeping rainwater from causing damage to your home’s foundation. With the current mindset aimed towards reusable and sustainable resources, not a few homeowners have had custom downspouts installed, which collect rainwater in barrels. The water isn’t potable, but can be used for watering the lawn and garden, for washing the car, and for cleaning the exterior during dry months. Enough reused rainwater can result in substantial water bill savings.

If you’re looking into doing some rainwater collecting of your own, we can help with changing the downspouts. However, make sure the barrels are empty before winter, as they will break as the water expands and turns to ice.

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are still the most popular roofing materials available, and for good reason. They strike a good balance between cost, service life, and style options. Recent product improvements give homeowners even more reason to choose asphalt shingles. For one, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) is supporting recycling initiatives such as, which promotes recycling asphalt from roof to road. Another is the “cool roof” feature that is now incorporated into asphalt shingles, such as Owens Corning Duration® Premium Cool shingles.

Green Roofs

Homeowners who own low-slope or flat roofs are favoring green roofs over traditional bitumen. The roof space is utilized for growing greenery and vegetation. Just like cool roofs, green roofs help reduce unwanted solar heat and indoor cooling requirements. There’s also the health benefits of organically-grown fruits, vegetables, and herbs, which are healthier compared to store-bought ones.

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