The Importance of Having a Roof Underlayment

Your home’s roofing system is much more than what meets the eye. Underneath the stylish and intricately designed shingles lies a system made up of multiple components that keep the entire roof functional. Each of these components has a unique role to play in keeping your roof strong and protected against the weather. One such part that often goes unnoticed is the underlayment.

The Importance of Having a Roof Underlayment

At Kroll Construction, we specialize in roofing and wood window replacement. Let our experts explain the importance of the underlayment in the overall performance of your roofing system.

What is the Underlayment?

True to its name, the underlayment is installed under the shingles of your roof. It’s a vital part of many roof decks, creating a waterproof and weatherproof layer of protection for the entire structure.

Underlayment comes in several types: asphalt-saturated, rubberized asphalt and non-bitumen synthetic. As with wood window replacement, you have to be critical when choosing the type of underlayment to install because each has its own pros and cons. Feel free to discuss the type of underlayment your roof needs with your roofer to get the best results.

The Role of Underlayment

Roofing underlayment adds a second layer of protection that:

  • Keeps your roof intact should your shingles blow away due to high winds;
  • Protects your roof deck from damage caused by ice dams during winter; and
  • Shields your structure from the elements during the installation process, prior to shingle installation.

Additionally, your roofing system must include an underlayment product and roof covering to meet local building codes. In most cases, shingle manufacturers also require an underlayment, or else warranties can be voided.

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