Siding Contractor Red Flags: 3 Signs to Watch Out For

As with getting new roofing, replacing worn out siding will always be a worthy investment for your home. While this may seem easy to do, it’s a project that no homeowner should complete on their own. Instead, you need to hire a professional to get the job done. Hiring a trustworthy contractor is easier said than done though. There are a few things to watch for when employing a siding company. 

Siding Contractor Red Flags: 3 Signs to Watch Out For

Kroll Construction, the leading home improvement company in the region, shares four signs that say a siding contractor is bad for your project.

  • Aggressive sales pitch – A siding contractor who is reputable and confident in their work will examine your home carefully, run some numbers and provide an appropriate estimate to you. If the contractor that comes to your home is assertive without even trying to inspect your home properly, take it as a red flag that something is up. They’re more likely trying to close a deal as soon as they can for reasons that are not to your benefit.

  • No portfolio or reviews – Just as a  good roofing contractor is always willing to show pictures of their previous work, a good siding installer is also prepared with this information whenever they meet a potential client. If they can’t provide this or nothing is coming up when you search online, it might be best to part ways with the company as they may not be as reliable as they claim to be.

  • No proof of insurance – Every reputable contractor will have their proof of insurance on hand in case a potential client asks to see it. Shady contractors, on the other hand, won’t have this, decisively putting your home and finances at risk in the long run. If a contractor refuses to hand you their proof of insurance or doesn’t have any, avoid doing business with them at all costs.

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