Should You Repair or Replace Your Roof?

A lot of new homeowners are beginning to realize that the roof plays a key role in keeping the interior protected from unfavorable weather elements like large hailstones and scorching heat. However, all roofs are bound to deteriorate after a while. But is there really a right time to replace your roof? Doing it too soon will be a waste of money, while waiting for too long is risking roof leaks and more costly water damage. Or are there instances where repairing your roof is enough? Expert roofing companies share factors you should consider when deciding whether to repair or replace your roof.

Should You Repair or Replace Your Roof?

How Old Is Your Roof?

Roofing materials have different expected lifespan. For example, standard three-tab asphalt shingles typically last up to 15 to 20 years, provided that your roofing system was regularly maintained. If only a portion of your roof is cratered and the rest remains intact, then you may do repairs. However, if your system is already approaching its second decade, then a replacement may be due.

Are There Signs of Damage?

If your roof is mildly leaking from an area, then calling for a local roofing company to repair it may be enough to regain the good shape of your home. If there are signs of extensive damage like roof sagging and multiple shingles missing or buckling, then you should definitely schedule an appointment for a needed replacement.

How Long Do You Plan to Stay at Home?

If your family is planning on moving out in three years or near future, replacing your old roof is definitely something you could get away with. The process is an undeniably big investment, so pursuing it does not make sense. However, if you intend to sell your home, a potential buyer may find it difficult to consider if your roof is in poor condition. A compromise would be to call for quick and practical repair services from roofing companies so the structural integrity of your roof remains sound.

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