Shingle Cracking Vs. Splitting

Part of a homeowner’s task when maintaining a roofing system is to understand each of its features, like your asphalt shingles. This way, you are able to assess how it needs to be taken care of and to properly do adequate repairs when necessary. Cracking and splitting are amongst the most common issues you may encounter. Although used interchangeably, they are different things. To ensure you are able to distinguish each, read this guide by roofing company Kroll Construction.

Shingle Cracking Vs. Splitting

The Difference Between Cracking and Splitting 

Usually, cracking occurs in organic or fiberglass shingles due to aging and moisture. It is common to asphalt mixes with excessive fillers. Remember that if you just had a new roof installed, cracking could be a sign that your shingles are weak and low-quality.

On the other hand, the splitting happens due to abrupt changes in temperature. Warm temperatures make shingles expand causing the joints to decrease in size. Once it is cold, they tend to become larger. Make it a habit to keep track of these noticeable changes so you’ll figure out when to call roofing companies for help.

How Do Cracking and Splitting Happen?

Modern asphalt shingle roofs are designed with wind-resistance that has reinforcing adhesives at the shingle edges. Sometimes the wind may be too strong and lift these shingles. Folding may occur, making the cracks on the granule layer appear and eventually cause splitting. 

In other cases, the shingles lose volatiles due to moisture or evaporation. This prompts shingles to dry up, shrink and develop cracks. Keep in mind that without a sufficient amount of volatiles in your asphalt shingles, your roof would be less flexible and more prone to cracking.

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