Roofing Jargon: What is a Fascia Board Anyway?

Your roofing system is made of numerous parts, each one playing a substantial role in your roof’s overall look and function. As a homeowner, it’s important that you know each part and understand what they do for your home. Today, Kroll Construction, one of the top local roofing and window companies, takes a look at the fascia board.

Roofing Jargon: What is a Fascia Board Anyway?

The Fascia Board, Defined

Traditionally made of a ¾ to 1-inch thick wood, the fascia board is a horizontal board that runs along rafter ends to eaves, closing gaps in between. Fascia boards are usually affixed to gutters, but they can also provide support for your shingle materials by holding together the bottom row.

What It Does

Just like replacement windows, fascia boards perform many amazing functions, including:

  • Keeping moisture at bay. They help push back water, especially when it comes from wind-driven rain. Without fascia boards, unwanted moisture could easily seep through your interior via the edges of the roof.
  • Holding gutters and downspouts in place. As mentioned earlier, fascia boards are often attached to gutters, securing them and the downspouts in their areas. They help determine which mounting tools can be used for these drainage components. When there’s a mismatch between fascia boards and gutter fixtures, water damage may be inevitable.
  • Completing the look of your exterior. Fascia design adds the finishing touches to the appearance of your exterior. Fascia boards come in a wide range of profiles, depths and thicknesses, and each element is an important aesthetic consideration, as much as it’s functional.

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