Roof Replacement in Winter: What You Need to Know

Many people agree that the best time for a roof replacement is in fall. However, if for some reason, you weren’t able to schedule your much-needed roof replacement last season, it is still possible to do the project this winter.

Roof Replacement in Winter: What You Need to KnowSuccessful Roof Replacement in Winter

The key to a successful roof replacement in winter is to work with experienced roofing contractors. They will implement the following techniques to ensure that the replacement will be a success.

Keep the shingles warm. This can be accomplished by storing them in a heated room or garage. Keeping the shingles warm will help prevent them from becoming brittle and avoid being overdriven by nails during installation

Proper sealing for shingles. Usually, asphalt shingles have thermally activated asphalt sealant that will bond the shingles to the roof with the help of sunlight. The roofing professional will either wait for the temperature to get warm enough or will hand-seal each single when the temperature drops below 40 degrees. 

Advantages of Roof Replacement in Winter

While roof replacement in winter can pose some challenges, especially for the contractor, it can bring the following advantages for the homeowner.

Good pricing. Some companies offer discounts during the winter season.

Easier scheduling. Roofing companies will be able to attend to your needs quickly because there is less demand for their services during this time. 

Further damage prevention. If you are thinking of roof replacement this winter, it likely means that there are already ongoing issues on your roof. By having your roof replaced as soon as possible, you will be able to prevent further damage to your roof and other parts of your house. 

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