Roof Installation Tips: Protecting Your Garden and Exterior

The garden and exterior of your home are major priorities of yours as a homeowner. However, they’re not always considered when you’re planning projects such as roof installation. Being crucial to the façade, you should oblige your roofing contractor to protect them. This is why Kroll Construction always protects the landscaping. We perform a magnetic sweep of the area after every workday, much to the delight of our clients.

Roof Installation Tips: Protecting Your Garden and Exterior

Here are some tips to help homeowners prevent damage to them during a reroofing project.Document Conditions Before Roof Installation

Document the condition around the house before the project starts. It might be a good idea to take a short video with your phone or a few pictures. These images will be handy should you later alert the contractor about new issues that may arise.

Ask Your Contractor for Protective Coverings

Alert your roofing contractors about anything that might need special protection. They could include hot tubs, pools, children’s play areas and vegetable gardens. Point out treasured flowers or new plants. Ask for extra tarps and coverings for these items. Also, be mindful of wind forecasts and things that may be in jeopardy of wind-blown roofing debris.

Keep Roofing Materials Off the Grass

Position the trash bin on the driveway where old roofing materials can best “flow” off the roof. Lay plywood sheets on the driveway before letting it bear the weight of heavy roof materials. They will protect it from dents, scrapes or other damages. This will also avoid killing the grass or leaving ruts in the yard.

Protect Gardens and Grass

Use tarps to cover gardens and grass positioned below the roof work area. For smaller plants, place tarps over lengths of lumber leaning against the walls. Mature shrubs and trees are robust enough to withstand debris that comes their way.

From top-notch replacement windows to expert roofing services, you can count on Kroll Construction. We’ll protect your garden and exterior during installations too. We serve homeowners in Detroit, Michigan, and surrounding areas. Call us at (734) 999-1022 or fill out our contact form to schedule a free in-home consultation.

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