Introducing the TruDefinition® Duration Shingles

Are your shingles becoming a nuisance because they easily break and fall apart? Sounds like you need new shingles. Roofing companies have their own materials used for roof shingle replacement projects, and Kroll Construction knows exactly what your roof needs. In fact, we recommend Owens Corning®’s TruDefinition® Duration Shingles. Here’s why.

Introducing the TruDefinition® Duration Shingles


The Owens Corning TruDefinition Duration shingles are ENERGY STAR®-certified, meaning that they provide excellent energy efficiency. They serve to insulate your home from heat transfer, allowing you to stabilize your indoor temperature without relying too much on artificial heating and cooling.

Advanced Durability

They also possess the SureNail™ Technology, a unique fabric strip added to the nailing area of each roofing shingle that provides powerful gripping and durability. No more staying up all night worrying if the storm could pull apart or blow off your roofing shingles.

Wind and Algae Resistance

In addition to those qualities, they are also proven to be algae- and wind-resistant. This is an important quality you should look for in a roof shingle because it preserves your curb appeal and resists severe weather, respectively.

Lifetime Warranty

The TruDefinition Duration shingles come with a Lifetime warranty and 10 years of TruPROtection™ coverage, allowing you to enjoy peace of mind on your new investment.

Highly Stylish

They boost curb appeal and add a sense of style with their dramatic color contrasts and dimensions.

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