Importance of Roof Flashing

Roofing companies understand the importance of roof flashing. But professionals are also aware that many homeowners and business owners are not familiar with flashing and what it does. Most people are comfortable enough discussing shingles and gutters, but they might not know the role flashing plays in keeping their home safe from all sorts of problems stemming from water infiltration.


Importance of Roof Flashing


What Flashing Is

Flashing is a waterproof piece of material that prevents water from entering the roof. It’s bent and installed in areas that need that kind of protection. Through any weather, flashing should allow the walls and the roof to expand and contract without breaking. 

Penetrations like chimneys require flashing, so do the parts where the roof meets the wall. It can also be in areas where it’s not easily visible. Flashing is usually aluminum, but it can also be rubber, steel, lead, PVC, copper and even liquid.

Why Flashing Is Important

Roofing companies advise homeowners to make sure their flashings are intact and not corroded, broken, loose or missing. Your roofer should replace flashing when replacing your roof. 

Flashing is as important as the main roofing material. It provides protection for areas where a lot of water typically goes, such as the valleys of your roof. Even if your roof is installed correctly, if the flashing isn’t or if it breaks, you can expect leaks to develop. A small leak can lead to plenty of damage over time, and you might not even notice it immediately.

Valleys, chimneys, skylights, dormer windows and other areas on your roof all use flashing. The importance of flashing cannot be overstated.

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