How To Make Sure Your Roofing Warranty Protects Your Property

Roofing warranties are essential in the event you face problems after you have had a new roof installed. An excellent roofing warranty shows the confidence and pride of manufacturers, but it has some caveats so make sure to be aware of them to ensure that you have reliable protection for your roof.

 Roofing Warranty Protects Your Property

Here are some aspects to focus on to ensure that your warranty preserves your roof.

Warranties Aren’t Insurance Policies

Warranties function differently from insurance policies because you won’t pay a premium for them. Your roof warranty won’t protect it against ponding, poor maintenance or extreme weather conditions. Instead, a warranty protects you from any malfunction and issues the roof faces after a licensed contractor installs it for you. With this in mind, don’t expect warranties to function like insurance policies.

Pay Attention to Exclusions

Get a physical copy of the roof warranty for in-depth evaluation. Use a pen to underline any exclusions listed in the document and remember them. Various manufacturers have different exclusions. Checking these small details ensures that you qualify for warranty coverage.

Fulfill All Requirements to Maintain the Coverage

Roofing manufacturers have a set of requirements to fulfill before you qualify for the warranty, the most basic being that you purchased the roof or that the seller transferred the warranty to you. Most rules require that you work with a manufacturer-licensed roofing professional who complies with the installation guidelines that deliver optimal roofing performance.

Be Wary of Warranty Tricksters

Unscrupulous contractors may disguise their own labor warranties as manufacturer material warranties. Check with the manufacturer that your roofing contractor has the license and certification to install their roofing material with full warranties afterward. Some contractors can claim to be manufacturer-licensed roofers and even use a warranty document that shows this as fact. 

Use Only Licensed Contractors

Fortunately, it’s easy to find manufacturer-certified contractors. Most manufacturer websites have a roofing company locator that provides you with the nearest certified roofers who can install their materials with full warranties and guaranteed quality, and they’re free to use.

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