How Reflective Roof Coatings Work

Cool roofing systems are rising in popularity as more homeowners look for smarter ways to reduce their monthly energy consumption. All roofs, whether they’re made from wood or asphalt, can become a “cool roof” as the secret to their higher energy efficiency  is in the coatings.

How Reflective Roof Coatings Work

In this post, Kroll Construction discusses how reflective roof coatings work and how they benefit homes beyond energy savings.

Reflective Roof Coatings

Cool reflective coatings keep the house cool in two ways. The first is by reflecting sunlight as it hits the surface of the roof. Instead of absorbing the light and heat, the coating reflects it and keeps the roof as cool as possible.

The second way is through thermal emittance. Reflecting coatings are made with unique materials that increase the ability of the roof to radiate absorbed heat back into the atmosphere. This combination of reflectance and thermal emittance is what allows these coatings to keep the roof as cool as possible.

The Benefits of Reflective Roof Coatings

These coatings help keep indoor temperatures cooler even as temperatures soar. Since the roof has an extra cooling shield, homeowners will spend less time artificially cooling their homes and will have a positive impact on the energy bills. Many roofing contractors, including ourselves, highly recommend reflective coatings if you want to see lower energy bills throughout the year.

On top of that, reflective roof coatings can decrease life-cycle costs and actually extend the life span of the roof as its an extra layer of protection against damaging infrared rays. An asphalt roof has an average life span of 30 to 40 years, but with a reflective coating installed, it can last a few years more with proper care and maintenance.

As one of the top roofing companies in Michigan, Kroll Construction offers premium quality roofs. We don’t just provide reflective coatings, we install energy-efficient systems from leading brands such as IKO and Owens Corning®.   

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