Flat Roof Snow Buildup: Winter Roof Safety Tips

Flat roofs are very popular in today’s home design. Their sleek appearance radiates sophistication and modernity. They can also boost energy efficiency in a home and need fewer materials to create than sloped roofs.

Flat Roof Snow Buildup

During the winter and spring, flat roofs are more vulnerable to water leakage. They may even collapse if there is too much snow and ice on them. You can, however, keep your roof and home safe throughout the winter with careful preparation and upkeep.

A roofing contractor in Detroit, Kroll Construction shares some tips you need to make sure your roof doesn’t get damaged by snow, ice, or water this winter.

  1. Inspect Roof on a Regular Basis

With the changing seasons, you should inspect your roof regularly. As winter approaches, make sure the draining avenues are operating properly, clean up any leaves or debris, and inspect the flashings for caulking faults. A professional inspection is the best method to prepare your roof for winter.

  1. Assure Proper Roof Insulation

An attic acts as a heat barrier between a home and its roof. Less attic space than a pitched roof. Without sufficient insulation, heat from inside might melt snow on your roof. Prevent damage to your flat roof by properly insulating it before winter.

  1. Perform Fall Cleaning

Debris is a sponge. Leaves on your roof will soak up moisture and weigh it down. Remove overhanging branches to protect your flat roof from falling leaves, twigs and branches. After a storm, assess for damage or arrange for a post-storm roofing inspection.

  1. Clear Drains

Your flat roof needs one drain hub. Remove the hubs and wash the drains with a hose once a year. This will help. If you see pooling or your drain is clogged, call your roofing professional to unclog it and inspect the roof for water damage.

  1. Waterproof Your Roof

Waterproofing protects your roof from rain, ice, and snow. Waterproof membranes last 20-30 years. Ask the seller or builder when a waterproof membrane was installed or changed. If your waterproofing is nearing the end of its useful life, have it evaluated closely when your roof is assessed.

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