Fixer-Upper Improvements You Should Prioritize

New homeowners who bought fixer-uppers are usually excited to do their best in making their new property attractive and comfortable. They quickly work on patching holes, repainting walls, replacing the carpet and the like. These, after all, make a fixer-upper look better.

Fixer-Upper Improvements You Should Prioritize

Some, however, tend to neglect important repairs and improvements that will not only make it a good home to live in (or make profits from), but also prevent future problems from happening.

To help you turn your fixer-upper into a fully habitable home, you’ll want to prioritize working on these:

Structural Repairs

Before spending a dime on home aesthetics, make sure that your fixer-upper is still structurally sound. Check for split beams, deteriorating masonry work, rotting foundations and piles of mud anywhere in the property.

If you see any of these, you’ll need to investigate if there’s more damage to be found. Contact professional contractors who can help you assess the damage and determine what needs to be done to get your fixer-upper in good condition.

Roofing and Gutters

After working on structural repairs, hire a roofing company work on the roofing next. Roofs are the first line of defense for any home and deserve to be checked for issues before you splurge on interior repairs, especially if you plan to live in that property.

Leaky roofs lead to a host of problems, such as water damage and the growth of mold inside your home. Unless your roof is properly repaired or replaced, your fixer-upper will continue to suffer from problems.

Clogged gutters, on the other hand, also pose a lot of problems to your new property. These include pooling water, damage to your soffits and fascia, structural damage, wet or flooded basements, rotting foundations and landscaping issues. Make sure your gutters are in tiptop shape. Roofing companies typically also work on gutters, so talk to a professional immediately.

Peace of mind

These repairs might be costly, but it’s worth spending every penny to make sure your new home is safe, sturdy, properly insulated and will last for a long time. Working on these will allow you to enjoy your new home better, customize it without the worry of added damage and give you peace of mind.

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