4 Signs You Need a New Contractor

Although a contractor with a well-defined plan and credentials sounds good, that doesn’t mean you should automatically say yes to hiring them. There are certain signs you can spot that reveal a contractor isn’t worth your time. Kroll Construction, home to leading local roofing contractors, outlines what to watch out for.

1. Strange or Suspicious Payment Methods

For licensed professionals and trained experts, it’s best to pay once the job is finished or in installments after each stage. If your contractor is asking for money upfront or demands cash only, that could be a sign of trouble. If they offer a low-ball the price, it reflects the quality of their job.

2.  Unresponsive and Demanding

Everything requires proper communication to work, and the same applies for home improvement. You might raise your eyebrow if your roofing contractors take a while before they reply and do so frequently.

This also applies if they do not act calm or have a sense of humor. It matters if problems arise as it shows they can remain steady under pressure. Finally, be wary if your contractor demands unlimited time and resources. If they do not place any limits or time frame on the contract or insist on having free range, that could put a serious drain on your funds.

3. Unreliable Sources or Lack of Documents

It’s important for a contractor to show you proof of their expertise. They might tell you about previous clients but always make sure that their clients are recent. At the same time, make sure your prospective roofing companies have consistently good reviews online. Even if they have a license and insurance, always make sure they send you proof before hiring. Otherwise, you might end up with more expenses and complications than you can handle.

4. They Sound Too Good

Suppose you have a contractor who promises a cheap price, quality work and a short time frame for having your roof fixed. That doesn’t mean you should say yes. All too often, cheap pricing and faster delivery are too good to be true.

Check the costs of your project first and the possible timeframes of the project. When hiring, be sure to double-check with your contractor and ask about any concerns or possible issues. If they give you absolutes, that’s a bad sign.

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