4 Factors to Consider When Picking Your Roof

The roof over your head can handle several things. From snow to rain to unexpected debris from nearby trees, your roof withstands everything for your comfort and safety. Kroll Construction shares four factors to consider when choosing new roofing:


When it comes to the roof, the first important thing to consider is how long it will last. Remember that your roof will be under constant elemental exposure, including sunlight and storms. Prioritize whether you’d rather take more affordable options like asphalt or long-lasting items like metal. Also, remember that each material has certain benefits and drawbacks. For example, concrete tiles are incredibly durable but take longer to install and cost more than average.

Cost of Maintenance

Speaking of costs, remember that maintaining your roof can be tricky at times. When choosing your material, you must also consider how often you’ll be checking on it. Some materials, like metal and concrete, can last for years with minimal supervision. Conversely, materials like wood and asphalt require more frequent checks to elongate their lifespan.

Design Flexibility

One of your biggest priorities when choosing the materials and roofing contractors is the style. You don’t need to sacrifice aesthetics to get a worthwhile roof. Make sure that after picking the material, you learn about the possible style options your roof can have. This way, you can build on curb appeal and capture a worthy image of your house. For example, asphalt is commonly used because of its low price and diverse range of style options from Renaissance to contemporary design.


Lastly, make sure that your roofing is provided by a reliable company. Even the best materials and design will fall short in the hands of an inexperienced amateur.

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