3 Ways to Pick the Best Color for Your Roof

Designing the color of your roof means more than just picking from a few choices. Take the feel and the aura it gives off into consideration. With the right color for your shingles, you can make a good impression to passersby and greatly improve the value of your home. Kroll Construction, one of the trusted local roofing companies, gives you a rundown on picking the best colors.

Materials and Color

Remember that no matter what paint or coating you brush over the shingles, the brick material stays the same. It’s best for you to see if the color you want is present in the material before picking paint. This helps you save money and fits the feel of your siding.

Differentiating Shades Properly

A common mistake made by homeowners is that they choose the roof to match the walls. While it is uniform, it also ends up looking monotone and lifeless. The same applies to those who choose to go all out. By having multi-colored choices for the home then picking another for the roof, you create a clash that hurts more than it helps. You can also ask established roofing companies about the materials and how they look under both sun and shade

Ultimately, finding a balance means choosing the right changes. Simple, neutral-colored houses benefit from a vibrant roof the same way a vibrant house benefits from a toned-down shade overhead.

Check the Lighting

Before you decide to plaster all those beautiful shingles on the roof, see how they look in different lights. Just because they look good in the store doesn’t mean they’ll look the same out in the sun. A good way to test is by picking a place in the house where the paint and siding meet. Test the shingle when it’s sunny, then again when there’s shade. This way, you’ll have a complementary color no matter the light.

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