3 Tips to Increase the Life Span of Your Roof

Most homeowners have made a large investment in a brand-new roof. No other element of your home is quite as valuable. The average life span of a roof is about 15 years. There are ways, however, to extend this without too much effort. You trusted roofing company suggests considering these simple maintenance tips that will make your roof last.

Clear Your Gutters

Gutters are part of your roof, so don’t allow debris to accumulate and clog them. The extra weight pulls away at your roof fascia, which can result in a costly fix. Inspect the length of your roof and look for any signs of sagging or bending. It’s a sure sign your gutters are pulling at your roof with the weight it has to carry. Check for moss and algae buildup on and around your roof. They feed on your roofing material and can compromise its integrity.

Catch Problems Early

Check on your roof with every change of the season or after a significant storm. Deal with small issues early on to save you money in the long run. Consider the services of reliable roofing companies. It’s a good idea to establish a working relationship with a roofer. Consider scheduling a yearly checkup for your roof by a reputable roofer and keep unforeseen problems from manifesting too late.

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