3 Common Reasons Behind Premature Roofing Failure

Premature roofing failure isn’t a common problem, but it has been known to happen. Fortunately, it can be prevented by being aware of the causes and taking appropriate action. As one of the roofing companies in Michigan that provides quality roofing services, let us share with you the common causes of premature roofing failure and what you can do to prevent them:

Installation Errors

Roofing problems, premature or otherwise, are more often caused by installation errors than factory defects. While all roofing manufacturers offer factory warranty coverage to some extent, not all roofing contractors offer workmanship warranties. Reviewing the warranty coverage before signing the contract helps avoid such problems. You can trust Kroll Construction to never pressure you into signing a contract until you have thoroughly read and understand it.

roofing system is an intricate system that needs to be installed properly. Shingles have to be attached with proper nail patterns, flashings have to be installed in place and reinforced areas such as roof edges need to have the proper adhesives. Since roofs are constantly exposed to wear and tear, even the slightest installation mistake can lead to roofing problems within a short time.

Poor Attic Ventilation

A properly built roofing system should have sufficient ventilation that releases heat and moisture from the attic. Trapped hot and moist air can cause damage to the trusses, roof deck and insulation, as well as cause ice dams in the winter. The effects of poor ventilation can become apparent within the first year of installation, however, it can be easily detected as your attic should more or less be within the same temperature range as the air outside.

While modern roofing systems designed by roofing manufacturers such as IKO® and Owens Corning® have an integrated ventilation system, the actual amount of ventilation has to be calculated. Having excessive ventilation can also be harmful as it makes the roof vulnerable to blowoffs.

Subpar Materials and Workmanship

One reason why some unscrupulous contractors can somehow offer improbably low quoted prices is because they cut corners to meet such prices. These contractors have been known to use subpar materials and hire unskilled subcontractors to complete the work. This is why choosing roofing contractors with proven successful roofing work and proper manufacturer certifications can go a long way in preventing premature roofing failure.

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