5 Signs You've Found the Best Roofing Contractor to Hire

It can be tricky to find a reliable contractor to hire for your roofing project, but knowing how to separate the best from the rest is the key to finding the one that can provide you with satisfying results. But how can you tell that you’ve found roofing contractors in Michigan who are worth your time and trust? You know you’ve selected the best when the contractor you’ve chosen has the following qualities:

  • Licensed and insured

Hiring a roofing contractor without the proper license can cause you problems. You, as the homeowner, can be made liable for any accidents. Therefore, you should hire a contractor who is legally licensed to operate in your state. Also, you should ask for a proof of insurance before hiring a roofer. Make sure that the contractor’s insurance policy includes workers’ compensation to cover potential injuries the roofer might incur while working on your project.

  • Bonded

It is always best to choose a roofing contractor that is bonded. This will help protect you if the contractor didn’t provide you with satisfying results, didn’t complete the job, or even failed to pay subcontractors and suppliers.

  • Well-established

Be wary of those who do not have enough experience in the trade. It is always a safer bet to choose contractors that have been in the roofing industry for a long time as this ensures that they have been providing similar services to other clients in the area. Ask for a proof of business length to make sure that you are hiring well-established and highly experienced roofers.

  • Provides a contract

A contractor that provides a contract is easier to trust. The contract protects both you and the contractor and it helps settle any disagreement that might occur. But before you sign the contract, don’t forget to check it thoroughly and clarify any concern you might have.

  • Has an office

A contractor that has a headquarters is more trustworthy than those who hasn’t. It is because it gives you peace of mind knowing you can pay them a visit anytime you have some clarifications or questions about their services.

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