Upgrade Your Roofing Vocabulary with These 15 Terminologies

Anxious to caulk your way to your gable without hitting your interlocking shingles? This is mumbo jumbo for some homeowners. Worry not! Help is now at hand. Here are 15 basic roofing terms to prepare you for that repair you’ve been planning for your Detroit roofing.

  1. Asphalt shingle. Roofing felt drenched in asphalt, layered with denser asphalt on the exposed side, and is applied to roofing materials during manufacturing.
  2. Built-up roof. A continuous roof casing that has multiple layers of ply and asphalt sheets cemented together.
  3. Caulk. An adhesive made from asphalt cement or mastic used to fill a joint to help prevent leaking.
  4. Deck. An exposed wood surface that is usually connected over the supporting frames of a structure.
  5. Downspout. A vertical pipeline used for draining water from the roof’s gutters to the ground.
  6. Eave. A portion of a sloped roof that protrudes beyond the exterior walls of a structure.
  7. Flashing. A thin section of galvanized metal (usually copper and aluminum) that helps prevent water outflow.
  8. Gable. A portion at the end of a structure that expands from the eaves to the ridge or peak of the roof.
  9. Granules. A ceramic-coated crushed rock applied to the visible surface of asphalt roofing products.
  10. Interlocking shingles. Separate shingles that automatically fasten together to provide resistance against the wind.
  11. Overhang. A part of the roof that extends past the external walls or sidewall of a structure.
  12. Rafter. One of the supporting frames of parallel beams that holds up a roof covering.
  13. Ridge. The parallel streak formed by the intersection of two sloping roof surfaces.
  14. Underlayment. Asphalt saturated felt used below the roof to give additional protection to the deck.
  15. Vent. A pipe that is built into a drainage system protruding through the roof-deck, providing an outlet for air and ventilation.

These terms may not make sense at first, but you’ll get used to them, especially if you are big on roof upkeeps.

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