Replacement Windows Can Enhance Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Smart homeowners should know the benefits of choosing energy-efficient products and components for their home. As for your windows, from lowered power consumption to increased home value, such option is wise and advantageous.

There are many Michigan window replacement options on the market that claim high energy efficiency benefits. However, each rating varies depending on the materials. Below are the components that make windows energy-efficient.

FRAME: The frame’s thermal resistance affects the window’s overall energy efficiency, specifically its U-factor. Metal or aluminum is said to conduct heat rapidly, which makes it a poor insulating material. According to, other frame materials provide greater thermal resistance than metal.

GLASS COATING: To minimize the amount of harmful UV light that passes through a glass without affecting the amount of visible light that is transmitted, low-e coatings have been developed. Windows with low-e coatings cost 10% to 15% lower than regular windows and reduce energy loss by 30% to 50%.

GAS FILLS: Energy-efficient windows have gas fills that insulate the area by resisting thermal flow. Gases used are odorless, colorless, and non-toxic.

SPACER: Window glass panes are separated by a spacer that seal the gas fills. Its thermal barrier reduces condensation on the glass surface and improves insulation. In earlier development, spacers were made of metal and fiber because of their durable quality.

Before deciding, compare first the energy efficiency rating of the various options available on the market. Consider the materials of the frame, the longevity of glass coating, and the gas filling used in the spacer.

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