Learning About the Different Parts of Your Roofing System

There’s a quiz on the Internet about how much you know about roofing materials. The quiz asks different kinds of questions like “why are metal roofs becoming more and more popular?” or “what sort of coating is used to prevent steel roofing from rusting?” These questions give you an idea how much you understand Detroit roofing.

Before assessing the roof by yourself, make sure you know its different parts:

  • Roof Deck – Flat panels installed to your home’s rafters.
  • Ice and water shield – Essential for watertight integrity in crucial areas of the roof.
  • Underlayment – A layer composed of specially made rubber membrane or felt paper.
  • Starter strips – Installed at the edges of the roofline to prevent water and wind from getting under shingles.
  • Flashing – Copper or metal seals installed around the chimney, vent pipes, or other protrusions to stop water from leaking through gaps between the object and the roof.
  • Shingles – Can be made of asphalt, fiberglass, slate, tile, or wood.
  • Shingle cap –Manufactured particularly for various grades of shingles.
  • Ventilation – An essential component, particularly in a temperate area.
  • Warranty – Protects homeowners from unexpected expenses, such as repairs and replacements.

Now that you’re familiar with the different parts of the roof, it’ll be easier to inspect your roof for problems. Who knows, you may even decide to start a home improvement project.

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