Kroll Construction: Preparing Your Roof for Winter

As the coldest season of the year is about to arrive, we at Kroll Construction, the top contractor for Detroit roofing, advises homeowners to get their homes ready for winter. You’d better gear up your protection now—particularly your roofing system—before the chilly wind starts to blow and the snow begins to fall.

You probably know how important it is for every household in Detroit to prepare for winter as the season can be extremely cold. In fact, it is one of the coldest cities in the United States, with 40 inches of snow on average. Is your roof ready to carry a heavy load of snow?

Here are some basics you need to check when winterizing your home:

  • Clean your roof and gutters. Make sure that the waterway and downspouts are clog-free. Leaves and other debris that have accumulated during winter will freeze up and can actually add considerable weight to the gutters and roof, therefore increasing the risk of damage.
  • Repair loose or damaged shingles so you can avoid leaks during snowstorms and ice storms. Also, check the flashing for signs of wear and corrosion and fix them immediately. Have your shingles replaced with new ones if a repair won’t suffice.
  • Add insulation to your attic. This can help keep your family warm and comfortable during the chilly winter months without you having to overuse your heater. This will also help you save on heating cost.
  • Remove any low-hanging branches from nearby trees. Ice and snow can weigh down trees and branches. The last thing you want to happen during a winter storm is for a branch to fall onto your roof. Fallen branches can cause holes on your roof and other parts of your home, allowing drafts to seep into the interior.
  • Do a quick inspection inside your home for water drips. If you find any signs of leaks and water damage in your attic and walls, have them fixed ASAP.

If you need your roofing in Detroit ready for winter, you can rely on Kroll Construction. We have been providing our community with the best solutions for its roofing needs since 1961.

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