5 Window Innovations of 2014 Worth Noting

Your windows in Detroit are among the most important components of your home. They provide the much-needed ventilation for your interiors, bring aesthetic appeal, and make sure that you remain comfortable through sufficient insulation.

Last year saw several window innovations worth noting. These were designed to make your home a much more comfortable, energy-efficient, and functional place to live in. As such, here are five window innovations from last year that you should consider:

  1. Windows that double as electric generators for your home. Energy efficiency is becoming a need for homeowners today. As such, these windows are equipped with an electricity-generating coating that can help collect energy from the sun.
  1. Windows that can turn into a miniature garden or farm. Seeing greenery within your home can be a welcoming sight, and this innovation can definitely do that with its hydroponic system that adds much-needed nutrients.
  1. Smart windows and shades that are Wi-Fi capable. In the age of smartphones and Wi-Fi, you can control windows and shades with a push of a button.
  1. Windows that help conserve wildlife. Regular glass windows can be detrimental to birds as millions of birds fly into them. To solve this problem, glass coatings that are visible to birds have been made.
  1. Windows that let you know when they’re closed or open. Safety is always a priority at home. With these censors installed, you can determine if your windows are closed or open by simply checking your smartphone or tablet.

We at Kroll Construction understand that these innovations can be game changers in the world of windows. So before you consider getting them installed in your home, make sure your windows are up to par first. Get rid of your old and inefficient windows and get top-performing replacement windows from Kroll Construction.

Innovations and trends may come and go, but you’re going to need top-performing replacement windows in Detroit so that your home can stay stylish, functional, and comfortable. For more information on these innovations or our products and services, feel free to give Kroll Construction a call today.

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