The Different Benefits of Wood Siding

When you’re having your old siding replaced, one of the most important steps that you’ll have to take is deciding what your new siding material will be. According to roofing and siding experts, there’s an abundance of material options on the market that you can consider. One of the options you can pick is wood siding and while most homeowners don’t have a very high opinion of wood siding, they actually have their own set of benefits, such as:

The Different Benefits of Wood Siding


If you’re looking to make your home more eco-friendly, then wood siding is the siding material of choice for you. This is because not only is wood siding a renewable resource but it can also emit less energy and doesn’t produce any pollutants at all compared to other siding materials. Apart from that, it’s also biodegradable, meaning that if you ever need to remove it for replacement, it’ll decompose to become a material similar to compost instead of sitting in a landfill.

Easy to Install and Repair

Other than being environmentally friendly, wood siding is also very easy to install. This benefits you upfront as it reduces the installation time and labor costs. If you need to repair any damaged portions, meanwhile, the affected pieces can be easily removed and replaced with a new piece of wood siding. Small holes, on the other hand, can be filled with putty.

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Easy to Maintain

Surprisingly enough, wood siding is a fairly easy material to maintain. In fact, should its paint fade after a few decades, you can easily sand, repaint and restain it as necessary so it’ll look good as new.

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