Window Ideas: Brighten Up Your Home With a Bay Window

If you’re having trouble redesigning your home because of space concerns, your best bet is adding a vinyl bay window. They’re a great alternative to your standard casement or double-hung wood window replacement in Detroit Michigan.

Here’s why:

Curb Appeal. Bay windows are designed to pop out from the rest of the house.No other window style is as eye-catching and three-dimensional. With the right color, design, and trim, they can certainly add drama to your home. A well-executed bay is a very interesting architectural feature that can add significant value to your home.

Did you know? Vinyl window replacement is among the projects that increase your home’s resale value the most. According to Remodeling magazine’s 2015 “Cost Vs.Value Report,” a midrange vinyl window replacement project in the East North Central region can give backabout 74.3% of its original cost. That’smore than a bathroom addition or major kitchen remodel can recoup.

Space.Installing bay windows is a cost-effective way to add space in your home. It’s quite easy tomake a sitting area or game nook out of them. If they’re deep enough, you can use the added floor space for a desk or piano. Tall enough sills can double as shelves as well. While they’re typically found in the living room, you just have to get a little more creative to use them in kitchen, dining, bathroom, and bedroomareas as well.

Visibility.Bay windows are meant to give an impression of depth and space.They let in a great deal of natural light from outside. Brightly-lit rooms look wider than they actually are. To get the optimum amount of sunshine, you may combine floor to ceiling windows in an angled or box bay.

Outdoors.What we like the most about bay windows is how convincingly they reach out to the outdoors. For one, they’re terrific for letting in views. But you don’t need a spectacular mountain landscape or water scenery to be able to enjoy a bay window. “Garden windows” are basically bay windows that jut out from the side of the house (instead of the front like standard bays) and face a garden.

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