Why the Framing of Your Windows Matters: Energy Efficiency

The frames of your windows do more than just provide aesthetic appeal. They also contribute to the overall energy efficiency of your home. If you’re planning to get new windows in Detroit, you should take the frames into consideration.

While most of the energy performance of windows is determined by the glazing on the glass, the frames provide the much-needed thermal resistance to ensure the insulation of your home. Part of your window’s weather resistance is determined by the frames. Without the right frames to reduce heat transfer, the glazing won’t be fully maximized.

Most homes in Detroit make use of traditional wood windows. While they can offer visual appeal, the performance of wood-framed windows leave much to be desired. That is why we at Kroll Construction offer better alternatives to these traditional frames.

We can provide your home with windows from top-quality manufacturer Alside. The frames of these windows are insulated, durable, and weathertight. They are engineered to be able to provide you with superior energy performance with their advanced materials and manufacturing. Alongside the insulated frames, these windows are equipped with double- or triple-pane low-E glass that also helps reduce heat transfer. With these, we’re sure that you’ll never have to worry about excess heat transfer again and finally be able to enjoy the comforts of a well-insulated home!

Further, we believe that the quality of installation largely affects the performance of the windows. That’s why, to maximize the capacity of these windows, we make it a point to have them installed only by our trained craftsmen.

With the right frames in the right hands, your new windows will surely be able to provide you with the energy performance and the comfort that you need. For replacement windows in Michigan with top-quality frames from Alside, make sure that you contact Kroll Construction today.

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