What Can Be The Long-term Solution for Wood Window Rotting?

For years, the most common choice of window material is wood. Wood provides natural insulation and is a beauty to behold. However, the problem with wooden windows is maintenance. The material can deteriorate faster without proper maintenance. The weather in Michigan can also take its toll on your windows. Rain or snow may leave moisture for mold growth.

But generally, rotting is the primary concern with this type of material. Rotting causes damage visually and structurally. Here’s an advice to cure the rotting window sills from Better Homes and Garden:

Q: My family and I live in a 1930s-era home. There are a few windows that have rotting sills. We’d prefer not to have to replace the entire window. Are there epoxies that can be used to fill and reshape parts of old sills that have rotted?

A: Yes, you can use epoxy to repair a rotted sill of an old window, and that can actually be better than replacing the window. The great thing about using epoxy on a window is that you end up with something stronger than wood. Dig out the rotted wood and refill the cavity using products made specifically for this type of job.

Despite this solution, problem will still persist along the way because this is only a short term fix. Fortunately, there is still another brilliant solution regarding this dilemma. Contractors like Kroll Construction provide wood window replacement in Detroit MI that will ease the hassle in applying epoxy every now and then.

At Kroll Construction, we will provide you an innovative wood window replacement in Detroit Michigan that is not easily susceptible to rotting. Furthermore, we have a wide array of selection that will suit the architectural style of your house. No more visual or structural damage due to rotting that affects the beauty of your home.

Article Excerpt from Repairing Rotted Windows, Better Homes and Garden, n.d.

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