Wasted Energy: How Efficient Windows Help You Save More

Wasted Energy: How Efficient Windows Help You Save MoreAccording to Green Building Advisor, air leaks can account for up to a third of your total energy expenses. Gaps, cracks, and slits on poor quality windows also let in drafts that cause moisture and indoor air problems.

One way of fighting air leakage is by caulking or weather-stripping your windows. However, if you own units that are old or damaged beyond repair, your best bet would be installing replacement windows in Detroit.

Top window-makers have found ways to minimize air leakage on newer units. High-performing materials help you save more on heating and cooling costs down the line. For example, Alside, a leading manufacturer of quality replacement units, has developed ClimaTech. This insulated glass package features three energy-efficient elements:

  • Multiple layers of low-emissivity (low-E) coatings. These special coverings are responsible for keeping warm air inside the house during winter, and out during summer. They’re spectrally selective, which means they let in optimal amounts of visible light while blocking UV rays that can fade your home’s interiors.
  • Insulating gas. Manufacturers put argon gas in between the windowpanes to boost a unit’s energy efficiency. Argon is colorless, odorless, and non-toxic – in other words, completely safe. Aside from reducing heat transfer through the unit, it also acts as a noise barrier that prevents sounds from entering or leaving the house.
  • Advanced thermal barriers. Alside windows feature spacer systems that effectively keep insulating gas in between the panes, reducing heat loss through the unit. The PPG Intercept® and ThermD™ Stainless Steel Intercept Warm-Edge Spacer systems keep the edges of the window warm during winter, letting no heated air escape so you’re comfortable no matter how cold it is outside.

For best results, these efficient glass packages should be used with high quality frames. Alside’s vinyl windows feature multiple insulating chambers and fusion-welded frames that help keep heat transfer to a minimum and enhance their windows’ structural integrity. The combined energy efficiency of ClimaTech glass and vinyl frames can lower your HVAC costs by a significant amount.

Investing in high quality materials isn’t enough. When replacing failed or under performing units, hire the experts in windows Detroit homeowners trust – Kroll Construction.

Even the most energy-efficient units won’t perform at their best if not properly installed in your home. That’s why we insist in training our team on the correct installation techniques and methods. We’re one of the few contractors authorized to install high-performing Alside windows in our area. When we work on your home, we will leave no cracks or holes where drafts can enter.

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