Springtime Roof Inspections: The Basics

Springtime Roof Inspections: The Basics

Spring has finally arrived, but while most homeowners have already gotten a move on with their home improvement projects, some still have no idea where to begin. A tip from housing experts: start with a thorough roof inspection. This is necessary as your roof is your house’s primary defense against extreme weather. The Fiscal Times offers these brief but helpful tips on how you can give your roof a once-over before the pros arrive:

Damaged roof or shingles. Start on the inside, checking your ceiling and attic for any water damage that could indicate a leaky roof. You’ll need to assess the exterior roof as well. In most cases you don’t have to physically climb onto the roof in order to do a basic assessment of damage. Walking around on your roof is not just dangerous – it could cause additional damage. Instead, do a visual inspection from the ground, or prop a ladder against your house and examine your roof from the top rung without physically setting foot on the roof.

Keep in mind that the actual repair is still best left to professional Michigan roofing contractors. Do your research and hire one you know you can trust. This is crucial because not only will you be able to rest assured that your contractor will do his job right, but also because a certified roofing expert will be in a better position to offer high-quality roofing materials and guaranteed service in the event that your roof has suffered extensive damage.

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(Article Excerpt and Image From Your Springtime Home Maintenance Checklist,  thefiscaltimes.com)

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