Preventing Mold through Exterior Home Solutions by Kroll Construction

Most people look forward to the arrival of spring and anticipate long, warm days and pleasant spring rains. The unfortunate thing is, two of the things we love about the season—heat and the end of winter dryness—come with unpleasant consequences: mold growth.

The Household Mold Resource Center, a website by the National Association of Home Builders, explains how mold infestations begin inside homes and buildings:

While mold spores are all around us, mold growth can be prevented.  As mentioned earlier, mold growing in your home requires MOISTURE, WARMTH, and FOOD. Depriving mold of any of these three items will stop it from growing, but it will not kill the mold that is already there. Mold spores will remain dormant, and if the moisture, warmth and food all reappear, mold will begin to grow again.

It is crucial that property owners be aware if the conditions in their work or living spaces are conducive to mold growth, as issues like these need to be addressed quickly. Detroit residents should be particularly careful owing to the wet weather typical of springtime in the area, which can make poorly maintained indoor spaces really humid.

To prevent mold growth in your home, have a professional contractor like Kroll Construction do a comprehensive inspection of your property, paying particular attention to your roof and windows. These parts of your home are exposed to the elements and over time can become vulnerable to leaks, water damage, and mold growth.

Kroll Construction has had half a century of experience in installing and repairing roofing systems and replacement windows in Detroit and the nearby areas. Their factory-trained team has the technical skills necessary for a proper assessment of your home or building and is more than capable of implementing solutions to your roofing, windows, siding, and gutter problems.

Kroll Construction uses only topnotch roofing products and windows for Detroit properties and backs these up with industry-leading warranties and outstanding workmanship.

(Article sourced from Can I Prevent Mold, Household Mold Resource Center)

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