Part 1 – A Beginner's Guide to Common Types of Roofs

Part 1 - A Beginner's Guide to Common Types of Roofs

What’s So Important About the Type of Roof?

When it comes to choosing the type of roof, most homeowners just leave it to the professionals. While this is a safe option especially if you don’t know much about roof types, knowing the necessary factors that dictate what’s the best option available for your home will keep your choices from being restricted to what other people will suggest.

All types of roofs have different strengths and weaknesses that revolve around a few crucial factors. The following is a list of these crucial factors, as well as a brief explanation.

Lifespan – Some types of roofs are just meant to last longer than others, but there’s usually a tradeoff in terms of cost or maintenance costs. Regardless, you’d want a roof that would last at least a decade.

Weight – that entire roof has to bring its weight down somewhere, and that’d be the roof framing. Some types of roofs are heavier, which may require you to reinforce the existing roof frame.

Appearance – The roof is the most visible part of the house, so you’d want your roof to match the rest of your home. Some roofs look traditional, while others are more suitable for a house with a more modern design.

Maintenance – Some roofs require less maintenance, while others have to be cleaned or repaired on a more frequent basis. For example, wood requires extra maintenance because of problems with rot or mold formation, while shingles have to be checked for granule loss.

Slope – Do you want something with a steep pitch or do you want something completely flat? A roof’s slope has a significant effect on how well it can shed water or snow, provide attic space, or stand up to strong winds.

Safety – Is your roof a fire hazard or is it prone to getting blown away by strong winds? How about structural strength? Depending on your area, some roof materials may be safer than others.

Already gotten the hang of those factors? Stay tuned for Part 2 about the two most common types of roofs and how well they perform in every crucial aspect mentioned above.

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