Natural Beauty: 3 Windows for Better Views and Curb Appeal

We’re blessed with beautiful natural and man-made sights here in Michigan. If you live in a lovely neighborhood with access to spectacular scenery, you’re in luck! You could say you have a unique design opportunity. With the right windows, you can capture the best views and enhance your exteriors at the same time.

Wood window replacement in Detroit, Michigan, is a good choice. But we have something better in mind—vinyl windows. These durable yet stylish units can easily become the focal point of your home’s design.

As a framing material, vinyl is easily customizable. It can be made into several different styles, including the following:

Perhaps no other window design is as ubiquitous. It can be styled to match any architecture, from traditional Georgian homes to more contemporary styles. Top window manufacturer Alside makes casement units with fusion-welded framing and a multi point locking system. These ensure maximum protection from the elements as well as improved energy efficiency. Alside’s vinyl windows also feature leaner main frames and bigger glass areas for better daytime lighting and more expansive views.

Outdoor scenery doubles as indoor work of art with this simple yet practical design. Picture units comprise a single non-operable sash that lets in unobstructed views and natural light. Alside uses insulated glass technology to reduce solar heat gain on their units. This feature helps maintain comfortable indoor temperatures, even on the warmest days.

Picture windows can be installed singly or in tandem with other units. On their own, they’re sublimely beautiful—a quality that makes them fit naturally into the minimalistic styling of contemporary homes. However, when combined with interestingly shaped specialty windows and exquisite grid patterns, they add just the right amount of drama that’s perfect for a traditional-looking Victorian, Tudor, or Queen Anne home.

Comfortable, clean, and carefree, sliding units are perfect for ranch homes that emphasize horizontality. They’re built for easier operation, with staggered sashes that glide past each other without a glitch. If you opt for narrower framing, you can maximize the amount of light and views. This type of window is ideal for homes with pretty land- or waterscapes. Because the unit has horizontal proportions, it can capture those kinds of views perfectly.

Alside replacement windows come in exciting interior and exterior color palettes. For example, eye-catching English Red or Forest Green frames are stunning on light-colored walls. On the other hand, Castle Gray, Desert Clay, and Beige have that understated beauty that blends in so well with nature.

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