Ice Dams and the Danger They Pose to Homes

With the winter season coming, most homeowners will have to plan out how to deal with the freezing weather. With the subzero temperatures and relentless snow, there’s bound to be trouble in store for your house’s structural integrity. Among the troubles we’re referring to are ice dams. Kroll Construction, one of the leading roofing companies in Michigan, is here to help you out with your ice dam problems.

What are they exactly, and how are they dangerous to our homes? Ice dams are walls of ice that amass on the edge of your roof during winter. These “dams” are called as such because they prevent water (melted snow) from flowing down the gutters. This isn’t good as the water can accumulate on your roof, eventually soaking through the shingles, which can damage not just the shingles but the whole roofing structure itself as well. When the water gets to the underlayment, it can seep into your home’s interiors, damaging your walls, ceiling, insulation, and other areas. In addition, the weight of the ice dam can cause your gutters to sag.

What causes ice dams? Well, to put it simply, ice dams form because of a complex interaction between the heat escaping from inside the house, the snow cover, and the temperature outside. Heat from inside the house rising to the attic will warm your roof. The snow at the top of your roof will then melt, and the melted ice will flow. Once the water hits the roof’s still freezing-cold edge and gutter, the water will again solidify and turn into ice. This process will continue until the “dam” is formed, and this will continue to get bigger if left neglected.

So how can you prevent ice dams from forming on your roof’s edge? The solution is actually quite simple—just keep your attic and roof cold through proper insulation and ventilation. Kroll Construction, one of the most trusted roofing contractors in Michigan, can help you out with your ice dam problem. Just give us a call to learn more about our products and services.

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