Goodbye Old Windows: Choose Stylish Energy-Efficient Windows

Are you still looking for wood window replacement in Detroit Michigan? Many homes still use wood windows. Although these windows do have a classic beauty about them, the fact of the matter is that wood is outdated. As a window material, wood is more vulnerable to rotting, breaking, warping, chipping, and growing mold. It also has the tendency to be drafty, causing air leaks. Because they are susceptible to those kinds of damage, your current wood windows may be visually unappealing and inefficient.

Fortunately, Kroll Construction can offer you vinyl windows. They come in a variety of styles that can suit the specific architectural design of your home. They are also guaranteed to aid in your energy-saving efforts.

Window Styles
  • Double Hung – This window features vertically sliding sashes. Screens can be placed either inside or outside the house.
  • Bay and Bow – These windows include a combination of three or more lights. The outer window is angled for a curve-shaped exterior appearance.
  • Slider – The sashes of this window type can be maneuvered horizontally.
  • Picture – This is a large single-glass pane that can offer you a bigger view.
  • Casement – The hinges are on either the left or right side. This style prevents air leaks because of tight seals.
  • Awning – Hinges are located at the top of the window, giving an outward opening.
  • Garden Window – This box window type extends outward from the exterior walls and is usually installed in the kitchen.
  • Decorative – This window style is available in different glass styles and polished groove grids.
Energy Efficiency

Our energy-efficient windows are from industry leader Alside. These windows feature thermal glass panes and meet ENERGY STAR requirements to provide better performance and energy savings.

Whatever style you choose, we make sure your windows will be expertly installed with an energy-saving glass package and will come with a full screen. We also offer a transferable lifetime warranty and a 25-year breakage warranty for the glass.

Given the benefits and styles that vinyl windows can provide, you will no longer settle for wood window replacement in Detroit MI. For more information on window styles or our replacement services, feel free to give Kroll Construction a call today.

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