Getting to Know Your Roofing: Its Parts and Their Functions

When managing your roof, learning its parts can help you determine the right way to care for it. There are property owners who focus only on the exterior layer of the roof. Some often overlook problems like rotting sheathing and leaks at the joints and along the flashing.

To avoid headaches and unforeseen repairs or replacement, we at Kroll Construction, among the leading roofing companies in Michigan, have listed some roofing parts with essential information about them.


Different elements comprise the roof frame. These include the ceiling joist, rafters, purlin, top plate, and truss. All of these parts work together to support the entire roof. Two main types of wooden frames are a trussed roof frame and a cut roof frame. Some contractors combine the designs of these two frames to create complex roofs. Although both frames can support popular roof coverings, it’s best to consult your contractor, especially when planning to replace your roofing with a heavier material, such as slate.


The underlayment serves as a second layer of protection for pitched roofs. It is installed directly to the sheathing. Together with the roof’s covering, the underlayment prevents moisture from damaging the roof, which helps extend its service life. Many contractors often use builder’s felt paper for the underlayment. However, some may also use synthetic underlayment. If you’re worried about ice dams, consider getting thicker underlayment called self-adhering underlayment. This type of underlayment is often used with felt paper for added protection.

Fascia and Soffit

The fascia and soffit protect the eaves and their surrounding areas from the elements. The soffit is the horizontal board attached under the eaves, giving your roof a finished look. Some come with soffit vents, which help improve your attic ventilation.

The fascia is the trim board attached to the entire length of your roof’s rafter. It is installed just below the roofline and is connected to the soffit. In addition, this is the board where contractors attach the gutters.

Keeping each part of your roof in good condition ensures that your roof will last a long time. For a detailed roofing inspection, get in touch with Kroll Construction. Our company has the necessary license and insurance to provide high-quality services to property owners in Detroit and southeastern Michigan. Let us help you maintain your roof and discover why we are one of the best Michigan roofing companies.

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