3 Features of Energy-Efficient Windows: Glass, Gas, and Glazing

It seems that the growing popularity of energy-efficient windows in Detroit is certain. Many homeowners prefer this type of window because of its impact in reducing their energy consumption and bill.

So how does an energy-efficient window help you save energy and money? Here are the key components of windows that help deliver superior performance.


The number of glass pane contributes to a window’s energy efficiency: the more panes, the better. Double-pane and triple-pane glass are better options than single-pane glass.


An odorless dense gas, usually krypton or argon, is placed between panes. This serves as a barrier preventing heat and cold from transferring into your home. Adjusting the amount of convection between your glass panes will help maximize the comfortable temperature in your home.


The low-emissivity (low-E) glass coatings help regulate solar heat gain and loss in varying climates. According to Energy.gov, a tinted glass absorbs a large portion of solar radiation, and reflective coatings help decrease heat transfer. Some coatings even help filter out 40%–70% of the heat normally transmitted through glazed or insulated window glass while allowing light to penetrate.

These components help make your windows energy-efficient. We recommend that you check with your local contractors to determine the perfect window package suitable for where you live.

Low-E glass, when combined with vinyl frames with multichambered construction and fusion-welded corners, can increase the effectiveness of your window structure. This can ensure your home’s overall energy efficiency.

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