Local Roofing Companies in Michigan Can Help Reduce Maintenance Woes

The Pueblo Chieftain website recently featured an article which discusses home improvement projects that can reduce maintenance issues. On roofing, the article has this to say:

Local Roofing Companies in Michigan Can Help Reduce Maintenance WoesThe Roof
Look for problem areas, such as missing or broken shingles, along with roofing tiles that are “flapping” in the wind. These indicate that a new roof may be in your future. Newer products on the market, such as polymer shake and slate roofing tiles, are impact-resistant. . . . Along with helping protect against potential wildfires and severe weather, these roofs often come with a homeowner insurance discount. They also have a 50-year limited warranty.

Roofing exists to protect a home from the weather, yet ironically, the structure itself is vulnerable to the elements. Wind, most especially, can strip roofing shingles, leaving exposed parts in the structure that can lead to the latter’s premature deterioration. Homeowners shouldn’t neglect the state of their roofs, particularly roofing that is constantly exposed to the kind of severe weather conditions that the state of Michigan gets. Skilled roofing companies in Michigan provide professional maintenance services to keep roofs serviceable for as long as possible.

However, a roof that has been severely damaged or worn out, whether from the impact of the weather or from natural aging, may soon need to be replaced. When it comes time for a roofing replacement, a homeowner can choose a superior material that may be expected to last longer and will require less maintenance. The trick to having maintenance-free roofing, as suggested by the article, is to choose a roofing material that’s resistant to damage.

The article recommends polymer and slate, but these are not the only materials that can last reasonably long. Metal and concrete are also very durable, and resistant to wind. Additionally, high-quality asphalt shingles manufactured by the country’s roofing institutions like Owens Corning, can be expected to last longer than the regular shingle varieties, and withstand extreme weather conditions.

Even the most superior roofing materials need to be installed by an expert roofer for the best results, as a poor job will only lead to many more repairs in the future. Fortunately, roofing contractors in Michigan, such as Kroll Construction, can be relied on to perform excellent roofing installations that will guarantee less maintenance in the future.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Home improvement tips for being maintenance free, The Pueblo Chieftain, October 18, 2013)

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