Avoid Expensive Repairs with a High-Quality Detroit Roofing System

A story from Worthington, Ohio serves as a reminder that roofing jobs need to be done reliably or else they will incur even greater expenses in the long run. The Worthington Community Center requires approximately $1 million in roof repairs alone as estimated by a roofing consultant who identified multiple leaks, molds, and cracks on the relatively-new roofing system. According to ThisWeek Community News, the consultant, Gary Mays, described the roof as one of the worst he had ever seen so far. “The roof over the 10-year-old addition must be replaced soon, he told council. It is not dangerous to community center users at this time, but it could be if the work is delayed too long.”

Avoid Expensive Repairs with a High-Quality Detroit Roofing System

The local government puts the blame on shoddy workmanship, although the costly but necessary repairs remain their top priority. Something like this can happen to any household in Michigan, especially those that settled for cheap labor instead of the more extensive and reliable roofing system installations that the best Detroit roofing contractors, like Kroll Construction, provide. These professionals understand that a roof is more than just a neatly-arranged collection of shingles and tiles held in place by nails or roofing adhesives.

A complete and high-quality roofing system incorporates flashings, gutters, roof decks, vents, and roof ornaments in their make; these things may have different purposes, but it is important that they exhibit the same durability and reliability that the rest of the system employs. Roofing manufacturers like Owens Corning take this into account by using multiple types of shingles depending on the part of the roof that they’re installed in. Specifically, their Integrated Roofing System has starter shingles on the edges, hip & ridge shingles on the top, and regular shingles on the body; all of them being built from the same materials and treated with the same sealants and protective layers as the rest of the system.

Other parts like the underlayment also deserve the same stringent selection because even the smallest tear or crack in these areas may cause the entire system to fail. When it comes to roofing in Detroit, Westland, Garden City, or anywhere else in Michigan, choosing the best materials and contractors is only half of the battle because there is still the matter of choosing the best roofing system to consider. Homeowners should tread carefully because not all of them can afford a seven-digit price tag for repairs.

(Article Excerpt and Image fromCommunity center’s roof needs $1 million replacementThisWeek Community News, November 19, 2013)

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