Why Homeowners Build Green Homes

Recent years have seen a rising demand for green homes. According to a survey from GuildQuality, 70% of the 1,350 people surveyed said that they were actively searching for green homes to build or buy. This promising trend in home construction stems from a number of reasons.

Why Homeowners Build Green Homes

Kroll Construction, one of the top window companies in Michigan, discusses the top four of these reasons as shown by the survey.

Environmental Concerns

Over 80% of respondents agreed that reducing the impact of their home on the environment in general was important to them. Many homeowners also want an energy-efficient home, and going green is evidently the way to go.

Valuable Features

Having a green home comes with many nifty features that homeowners want. These include low maintenance, water usage, and air quality in the home. After all, who wouldn’t want all these features in their homes?


A green home is durable thanks to the quality of its materials. From recycled roofing and decking materials to chemical-free pest controls, a green home will last you for years to come. This also means reduced maintenance expenses since you won’t need to replace components so often, if ever.


These serve as a way to ensure homes meet certain standards and requirements. Homeowners who meet these standards are eligible to obtain certain tax credits and rebates from the government.

If you’re not building a new home, Kroll Construction can upgrade your existing one to meet green standards. As the trusted experts in home improvement, we provide siding, roofing, and replacement windows in Michigan. These projects will not only provide better protection for your home, but also reduce your energy expenses.

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