Video: The Benefits of Owens Corning® SureNail® Technology

Proper installation is key to your roof’s long-term performance and in preventing damage from extreme weather. But what if we told you that leading roofing manufacturer Owens Corning® has taken it to another level?

In the following video, reality TV star Paul DiMeo talks about the benefits of Owens Corning SureNail® Technology.

What is SureNail Technology?

Roofers follow a specific set of instructions when installing roofing shingles, which can vary from product to product. Wrong nail placement can result in shingles that easily get torn off by strong winds. Installation errors like these can be corrected at no cost to our clients, thanks to workmanship warranties. But wouldn’t it be better if these problems didn’t happen in the first place?

This is where Owens Corning SureNail Technology comes in. This Owens Corning roofing technology features a breakthrough design that includes a specially-engineered fabric strip that does three things: it acts as a guide for nail placement, it reinforces the punctured areas, and it enhances the proprietary Tru-Bond™ sealant that creates a tight grip. In fact, it’s so tight that it has a 130 mph wind – the equivalent of a Category 4 hurricane – rating.

The Benefits of SureNail Technology

SureNail Technology helps prevent errors during installation and assures you that every asphalt shingle mat is correctly nailed in place. The adhesive layer, combined with the Triple Layer Protection® reinforcement system that permeates the entire shingle mat, creates a durable seal that prevents wind and rainwater from getting under the top layer, no matter how harsh the weather is.

SureNail Technology helps roofing installers keep our installations consistent and error-free, resulting in fewer do-overs. This gives our clients more confidence in their roof’s performance, and the peace of mind knowing that they won’t be dealing with roof leaks or unscheduled repairs in the foreseeable future.

All TruDefinition® Duration® Series Shingles come with SureNail Technology and are available through Owens Corning certified roofing contractors like Kroll Construction. To know more, call us today at (888) 338-6340 or fill out our contact form to schedule a convenient time to meet. We serve Detroit and nearby areas.

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