Should You Replace Your Gutters During Roof Replacement?

Homeowners often think they should replace their gutters when they have a new roof installed. It makes sense because doing both at the same time seems cost-efficient. While there are cases where it’s a good idea to simultaneously replace your gutters and your roof, sometimes it’s not necessary. Generally, it all depends on the condition of your gutter system.

Roof Replacement

In this post, Kroll Construction shares tips to help you decide whether to replace your roof and gutters at the same time.

The Best Time for Gutter Replacement

Before replacing your gutters along with your roof, be sure to look for signs that you need a new gutter. Check the gutter material for water damage. You should also look at the exterior of your home for peeling paint and rust marks. If you find any of these, then it’s time to replace your gutter system.

The Benefits of Replacing Your Roof and Gutters at the Same Time

Simultaneously replacing the roof and gutters saves time and money. The projects are also easier to plan and oversee because you can hire just one contractor to do both jobs at once.

Gutter Repair vs. Replacement

When deciding on what to do with your existing gutters, it’s best to ask professionals for advice. Let an expert conduct an inspection of your gutter system. Professionals have the skills and knowledge needed to determine whether the gutters need repair or replacement. You don’t want to spend extra on new gutters when your current gutters can be fixed.

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